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Australian Labradoodle 
puppy shopping list 

order X-Small harness


Insurance - I highly recommend Agria or Many pets -
Agria Voucher code :

Many pets Voucher code:
Find a VET giving lepto 2 NOT lepto 4 vaccine 
Find a Groomer 
Read Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezey Book - Provided for all our families that have left a deposit . 

Veterinarian with Dog

Australian Labradoodle 
Emergency Kit

If you want to be super prepared for your new puppy, I highly recommend these essential items to have in your cupboard 

Australian Labradoodle Ear Care 

Australian Labradoodle upset tummy SOS help !

Australian Labradoodle Spay/Neuter

Australian Labradoodle Wound Care

Australian Labradoodle Season Knickers 

Australian Labradoodle Books For Children 

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