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Australian Labradoodle .heic


Ruby is a lovely solid caramel red, with a wavy fleece coat. 

Ruby is actually our favourite dog, because she is incredible stubborn, intelligent and loving. Ruby makes us  laugh so much because Ruby knows how to get exactly what she wants. Ruby loves our children and she is just great to be around . 

Day in the life of Ruby 

Just look at Ruby’s perfect face. I think even by looking at her photo you can see how Ruby gets her own way. She absolutely melts me because of her stubbornness. Ruby has the best temperament and doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Everything she does is done in jest. She just is a great dog to be around and I think ourselves lucky to be her owner. Ruby lives with us permanently and is a great nanny to any puppies we have. Ruby likes spending time with any litters we have, but mainly to steal any food, toys and treats they have but she will play with them first before doing so.  She is also a great cleaner and shows all our dogs affection by licking them which is an important part of being in a pack. 

Ruby is very stocky build and loves her food. She also loves laying on us but is quite heavy but that doesnt stop her squashing us for a cuddle.


Ruby Has Passed all her her health testing.

australian labradoodle puppies_edited.jpg
Caramel  Australian Labradoodle. .jpg
Caramel  Australian Labradoodle. .jpg
Caramel red Labradoodle .jpg
Caramel red Labradoodle. .jpg
Caramel red Labradoodle.jpg

We Complete Full Health Testing 

Caramel  Australian Labradoodle_edited.png
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