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 Willows Australian Labradoodles 

Grooming Your Australian Labradoodle

Tools you will need 

Here at Willows Australian Labradoodles we are professional dog groomers that have owed a very successful Doodle dog grooming salon. We have created The Doodle Club so that all doodle owners can learn and take care of their doodle coat correctly. Its free to join and we hope you can learn from the advice we offer. 

If You have reserved a Willows puppy, we will provide you with a slicker brush and metal comb in your puppy pack when you collect your puppy. 

When grooming your Australian Labradoodle, the first tool that you should use is a slicker brush. We provide all our families with a Slicker Brush and metal comb. Groom through the coat thoroughly, following the natural direction in which the hair grows and flows. Start at the head of your dog working down the front legs, body, back legs and don't forget the tail. 


Once you think you have brushed the whole coat from top to bottom. Check for any matts, use a steel comb to go through your dogs coat. Make sure that you are getting right down through the entire coat to the skin. If you have not got all the way down, go back to the slicker brush, brushing and feeling for any knots and tangles. If you do not manage to get down to the skin, the coat will matt up and eventually  ‘felt’ underneath and the only way that can be corrected is by having your Australian Labradoodle clipped right down to the skin.  

If you find a Matt , Snip it out . 

If you want to be an expert in matt removal you will need a pair of thinning scissors and The Doodle Club Grooming bag has all the equipment you will need.

Poppy's First Groom

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