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Bobby is a very unique Australian Labradoodle. He is a chocolate and white Parti Phantom. Can you see he has Tan eye brows? Bobby is a medium Australian Labradoodle with straight fleece fur. His hair is ridiculously soft and fluffy. Bobby is so funny and he was a very calm for a puppy/ young adult. He loves children and we hope that he can get a place in a school as a therapy reading dog. Bobby is also the most stunning Australian labradoodle I have ever seen, I love all my dogs to the moon and back but Bobby Definetely got the Brad Pitt gene. I'm so lucky that Bobby lives with his guardian family, Bobby lives with Mabel an Australian Labradoodle and a resident therapy dog at our local hospice. its so important that we have only the best Guardian families. I asked Carolyn for a little summary of Bobby and this is what she wrote: 


"What can I say about Bobby. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and our other labradoodle Mabel adores him. They play together all the time and are great companions
Bobby is a little bundle of personality. He doesn’t wag his tail, he wags his whole body, to the extent that he will hit himself on the head with his tail
Everything is a joy to him, be it “helping” to hang washing out by deciding which socks really need to be carried around the garden or by simply being in the same room as you.
He is very clever, he remembers walking routes after doing them once and he is very responsive to training.
He’s also very athletic and has perfected the vertical jump! Once he is old enough I think he will enjoy agility training.
He loves lying on us and being cuddled and is altogether a super dog. I’m excited to see what puppies he will sire".

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Australian labradoodle grooming

Bobby was imported from America. We travelled to New York to collect him, as there was no way i was going to send him in the cargo. Bobby got to travel with me as hand luggage. Everyone complemented how stunning he is and how well behaved he was. No one would have known he was even on the aeroplane. 

Bobby's puppies are going to be absolutely out of this world. He is quite a rare colour for an Australian Labradoodle, as he is a Parti Tri Phantom.

We expect Bobby to mature to around 17-18 inches, perfect example of a medium sized Australian Labradoodle 

Bobby has already passed his Hip and elbow scoring with OFA fair

Bobby has an up to date Eye Certificate 


Bobby is clear by parentage for over 150 genetic dog diseases meaning that none of the puppies I produce can be affected . 


Austrlian labradoodle thearpy dog

Bobby also lives with Mabel. Mabel is our local super hero. She is registered as a Pets for therapy dog and she regularly visits the patients at our local hospice. St wilfreds hospice do a wonderful job, and Mabel plays her part.

we reserve all puppies in order of deposits received so please enquire early to avoid dissapointment

Australian Labradoodle puppy
Australian Labradoodle Parti uk
Australian Labradoodle Parti tri Phantom