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Australian labradoodles


Ava is a true miniature  Australian labradoodle. She is a lovely chocolate with white.

Ava has some lavender going through her chocolate coat as she has got old which is completely normal for chocolate puppies.

Ava is still a very good chocolate colour and is a big sweet heart and such a lovely family  dog. 

Day in the life of Ava 

Ava is a very gentle, happy dog that is super intelligent and loves to please.  Ava lives with the Michie family and is lucky to have three human sisters which absolutely adore her. Ava is the perfect family dog . Ava’s dad works from home and spends hours by his side in his office .  Ava’s family have sent us lots of photos and videos showing how clever she is. We breed for temperament and Ava is an example of that. 

Ava has passed all of her health testing.

Australian Labradoodle _edited.jpg
Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle
Chocolate Australian Labradoodle g
Australian Labradoodle

We Complete Full Health Testing 

Caramel  Australian Labradoodle_edited.png
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