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 Willows Australian Labradoodles 

Willows Australian Labradoodle Puppy Process  

Here at Willows Australian Labradoodles we want buying an Australian Labradoodle to be an easy, happy and fun experience for all the family. A lot of families have put off having a family dog until it's the right time, and when it finally is right, we don’t want getting a puppy to be stressful. Buying a puppy is like having a baby and we are here to help guide you to a puppy that will suit your family. 

Our puppies change lives and we are proud to be part of that. 

Willows Australian Labradoodles believe in transparency which is why we use a 24/7 puppy camera. Willows Australian labradoodle was the first UK breeder to offer a live puppy cam. 

Willows Australian labradoodles believe in health testing, which is why we offer it to view on our website. 

We are the first uk breeder to offer health testing  ready to view. 

Willows Australian Labradoodles takes animal welfare very important which is why we never rehome our dogs and we never use kennels. 

We have written out a process so you know what to expect.

We do realise that sometimes things happen and you may not be in a position to take a puppy as originally planned, but we do allow deposits to be transferred for a maximum of 2 litter change requests.

Step One

Fill out a puppy enquiry form 

With as much information about your family as possible. 

Send us a copy of your driving licence & a photo of your garden 

We get around 30 emails a week for our puppies and we only sell to people living in the UK. We need to know you are a real person living in the UK. Which is why we need to see a copy of your ID . 

We care deeply about our puppies welfare and future and don’t want them ending up in the wrong hands.

We have a copy our privacy notice on our puppy enquiry form page. If your breeder isn’t asking for the same level of information, I would question whether they even care where their puppies will end up. Willows Australian Labradoodles care deeply about their puppies, which is why we have such a great reputation.

Once received we will send you out information on our suitable litters, based on colours and sizes you have put in your enquiry form. 

If you are happy with litter timings and colours and you want to proceed, we will ask for a £350 non refundable holding deposit fee. This reserves your place for a willows puppy. We are only looking for 5 star homes for our puppies. 

Step Two

Once we have received your deposit you will be officially added to our waiting list. 

Once your holding deposit is received we will send you out a willows australian labradoodle puppy pack and guide. 

We will notify you when your chosen female has come into season and when she is mated. We can be very busy around this time, especially if we have puppies but we will do our very best to give you as much time as possible to prepare for you new arrival. 

On average we have 10 weeks wait between season to puppies being born. if timings do not work for you, maybe you have a holiday booked or your circumstances may have changed, please let us us know as we are happy to move you to another list. 

Once puppies are born we will let you know once they are 3 days old and doing well. We will then send you the link to the puppy camera. 

It's important to us you get to see how your puppy is raised. We want you to see the mums and we also want your whole family to watch the puppies grow. They grow so fast everyday and the puppy camera gets very addictive. 

We also appreciate you have been waiting a long time for your puppy, but a Willows Australian Labradoodles puppy is worth waiting for. 

Step Three

Once the puppies are born we will tell you which date is puppy collections and puppy selections.

Puppy culture begins 

At 3-4 weeks we start weaning the puppies 

Our puppies are raised around our children, which is why we have such great success with our families. You will often see our children on the puppy camera cleaning out and sitting with the puppies.

4 weeks we start firework sounds and calm pet volume one on Alexa multiple times a day. 

We always play our puppies music form Alexa. 

Around 4 weeks we introduce our puppies to a crate 

The crate has no door. The idea is that the puppies will choose the crate as their safe space. You can watch our puppies enjoy the crate live. A crate is never a punishment. 

Around 6 weeks our puppies get use to the garden

Our puppies start going to toilet outside 

Puppy Photos 

If we can, we book for puppy photos. We aim for every litter but sometimes it is not possible.

6-7 weeks we have the vets. We are one of the only breeders of Australian Labradoodles that have our puppies checked before puppy choosing. We want to know if the vet has any concerns before you make a choice. Just one of the many reasons we pride ourselves in being a breeder for animal welfare 

Temperament testing. 

We have litter temperament testing, which helps us know which puppies are suitable for which families. 

Puppy selections.

If you live far away you can do puppy selections on FaceTime

We welcome your family only to puppy selections at our home. we allow 40 minutes per family, you will get to choose you puppy based on from the information you have provided us and the results of the temperament testing. 

That's why we ask our families to be open on gender.

Puppy Collection

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