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red australian labradoodle puppy

What are the benefits of neutering?



Spaying will stop the bleeding that occurs with every heat cycle and prevent any changes in behaviour associated with heat cycle. Females that are not spayed, but who do not have puppies, may develop false pregnancy or infection in the womb. Early spaying of females reduces the risk of them developing mammary cancer (breast cancer) later in life.


Some male dogs develop antisocial behaviour when they reach maturity. This may be in the

form of sexual behaviour - mounting other dogs or people!! Uncastrated dogs, if left to

their own devices, may patrol a wide area in search of a mate and can detect a female in season a long way away, making recall difficult. A dog who wanders is far more likely to be involved in a car accident. Castrating male dogs also reduces the risk of them developing diseases of the prostate in later life.


We do not sell our Pet Puppies with Breeding Rights, We will send out a contract directly from our solicitor for you to sign before puppy Collection. Stating that you have brought a pet puppy and you must send proof of spay & neuter before 12 months of age. 

This will be a legally binding contract from a solicitor and action maybe taken against you if you do not comply with the terms of our sale agreement. 


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