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Australian labradoodle Breeder


Herbie is a caramel medium Australian Labradoodle with a wavy fleece coat. Herbie has the best and brightest human eyes we have ever seen. He's a happy and intelligent boy.

Day in the life of Herbie

Herbie lives with the Darling family and they absolutely adore him. Jane is retired and often boards dogs for families when they go on holiday and Herbie enjoys having new dog friends come and stay. Herbie is also very active and spends a lot of time down on the beach. the Darling family also have Charlie as part of their family, and both boys regularly meet up for walks. Herbie is excellent with children and enjoys it when their granddaughter comes to stay. Herbie doesn't have a bad bone in his body.

Australian labradoodle breeder
Australian labradoodles
Australian labradoodle
Australian labradoodle Breeder
Australian labradoodle
Australian labradoodle

We Complete Full Health Testing 

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