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Labradoodle red


Phoebe is stunning medium deep red with a straight fleece. Phoebe is a lovely and loyal dog. Phoebe is very smart and walks beautifully on a lead . Phoebe lives with a cat and enjoys playing in the garden. 

Day in the life of Phoebe 

Phoebe lives with the Simpson family. Phoebe lives in a beautiful house with a huge garden. Phoebe has a human sister and a human brother who both love her dearly. Phoebe was a great puppy who didn’t go through a puppy biting stage and enjoys playing and winding up the cat in the family. Phoebe come to us from Ripley's  Australian labradoodles who we work closely with. Phoebe loves playing with other dogs and regually walks down our local cycle path while her human siblings play. 

Phoebe Has Passed all her her health testing.

australian labradoodle .heic
Australian Labradoodle .HEIC
australian labradoodle .heic
Australian labradoodle Uk Willows .jpg
Labradoodle parti  red
Labradoodle parti red .JPG

We Complete Full Health Testing 

Caramel  Australian Labradoodle_edited.png
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