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Amos is a red straight fleece small standard / large medium Australian Labradoodle. Amos is super intelligent and does very well at agility.

Day in the life of Amos 

Amos is a very handsome boy, and he lives with our mother-in-law Debbie at South Downs Australian labradoodles. Debbie has worked very hard with Amos and is excelling at agility. He spends most of the summer at agility shows where he really stands out, as most of agility dogs are Collies. We use Amos where we can with our larger females, and we haven't been disappointed with his puppies. Amos is amazing with children and enjoys being part of Debbie's pack.

Australian Labradoodle Breeder UK
Australian Labradoodle Breeder UK
Australian Labradoodle breeder
Australian labradoodles
Australian labradoodle breeder
Australian labradoodle breeder

We Complete Full Health Testing 

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