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Australian Labradoodle


Winnie is a medium chocolate Australian labradoodle. Winnie has turned lavender as she has got old which is completely normal for chocolate puppies. Winnie is a sweet heart and such a lovely dog. 

Day in the life of Winnie 

Winnie is a very gentle dog that is super intelligent and loves to please.  Winnie lives with the Chittick family and a human sister and a human brother . Winnie is the perfect family dog and if you looking for a chocolate medium puppy then Winnie is the litter you want to be on.  Winnie's mum works from home as she has a children's clothing business and Winnie spends hours by her side whilst she designing clothes .  

Winnie has passed all her her health testing.

Labradoodle parti
Australian Labradoodle.jpg
Australian Labradoodle. .jpg
Australian Labradoodle. .JPG
Australian Labradoodle .JPG

We Complete Full Health Testing 

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