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Poppy is a lovely caramel and white parti with a wavy fleece coat. 

Poppy is the happiest dog in the world and loves litreally everyone and everything. She even plays with the fox cub that visits our garden and she waits for them to visit. She wouldn’t hurt a fly and even the fox likes her. 

out of all the years I have worked with dogs I have never met one that would chase a fox but poppy really just wants to be friends and I love watching her. 

Day in the life of Poppy

Poppy was such a special puppy that I knew she was a dog I wanted to keep for our program. Poppy lives with us and is a very playful and happy girl that has the most friends. Poppy can get the grumpiest of dogs to play. They just can’t resist her charm and neither can we. Poppy has the perfect smilie and enjoys being outdoors. She spends hours of her day watching the birds and mooching around our garden. She sits and waits for the foxes in the evening and I even think they visit just to say hello to Poppy. Poppy is easy going but also fun. Poppy really enjoys being part of our pack and she loves all the puppies we have . She is a very special dog and we love her to pieces.

Poppy Has Passed all her her health testing.

Australian Labradoodle
Labradoodle parti .JPG
labradoodle parti .JPG
labradoodle parti .JPG
poppy photo

We Complete Full Health Testing 

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