our Skyla and the puppies she has produced

Our Sklya lives with my Mum and will come back to us for puppies. We imported Skyla along with our stud Charlie from a lovely breeder in America. I was attracted to Skyla for my breeding program because of her parti colouring. She carries a very wide range of colours and introducing parti and tuxedo colours to my line is extremely exciting. Skyla is a true miniature , but she has the most chartecter out of all our dogs. Her best friend is house rabbit and not forgetting a very old cat. Her kind, friendly temprament is exactly what we breed for. Our dogs don't have a high prey drive and enjoy having other animals as companions. I asked my mum to write about Skyla and this is what she said,

"I never got the doodle craze, and when Shannon, my daughter, got willow i did think she was mad. She turned into a crazy doodle mum and willow was her life. She would only talk about Willow and then when she had puppies her face would just light up. I could see by following Willows Facebook page, she had a real calling towards the Australian Labradoodle and i really believe they have made her life complete. After seeing all the families comment and also turn into crazy doodle mums, I was very intrested in having one of my own. Sklya, being miniature, was the perfect fit for us. Skyla has made such a huge diffence to my life. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body and i get stopped on every walk with people asking what she is and where she is from. They are drawn to her size , colour and friendly personality. I completely get in now, after owning skyla, they are different to other breeds. they love people and skyla makes me laugh everyday. Her only bad point is that she loves the MUDDY PUDDLES!"

Skyla health testing 

Skyla is a true miniature at 14" tall, she is a chocolate and white parti, Skyla has a wool coat and is very curly. 

Skyla weighs 8kg and loves her food. 

Skyla has passed her Hip scoring with a Hip score of BVA 12

Elbow BVA 0


Skyla is clear by parentage for over 150 genetic dog diseases meaning that none of the puppies she produces can be effected . 

Skyla waiting list 2021

we have these families awaiting a puppy from Skyla 2021

 we expect Skyla puppies to be miniature in size and to be born and ready in spring 2021.

  1. willows - we always reserve first puppy pick

  2. Willows - we have reserved second puppy pick

  3. Comerford Family

  4. Grandbesancon Family

Skyla will be mated with bobby. we expect chocolate, parti and chance we will get chocolate Phantom colour puppies 

we reserve all puppies in order of deposits received so please enquire early to reserve to avoid dissapointment


We Live in the Eastbourne area

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