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Guardian Program 

We work really hard to insure all our breeding dogs are well looked after and have the best fulfilled lives possible, and we are always looking for great Guardian families to help us with our breeding program. 

Australian Labradoodle

Guardian family

Guardian Program

We really wish we could document all the positive words and feedback we have received

from other dog professionals about how well adjusted, happy, friendly and healthy our dogs are. We have received feedback from many vets, dog groomers, dog trainers and even rescue centres from all over the UK and Europe. Our dogs are our greatest asset, and it is no secret that we take animal welfare extremely important, and animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We never use kennels or outbuildings, and we don't rehome our

retired breeding dogs.

We use the term guardian dogs, but in reality, our dogs are raised almost identically or even to a higher standard than the way Guide Dogs raise their dogs and puppies.

When Guide Dogs started, their puppies were raised in a kennel environment. A very clean

kennel environment but still a kennel environment, nevertheless. They didn’t get the

results they wanted, because even an excellent health tested dog which has had all their

basic needs met but are not raised in a family home, will not be the ultimate family pet to

the standard that the Guide Dogs required. So, they made drastic changes to the way that

they raised their dogs and puppies and started to use family homes and now that

programme is renowned around the world for their great success.

The major two things they changed were:

Number one: They placed their breeding dogs with families and the families played

important roles in raising the dogs using their instructions, their guidance, and their

experience plus they were always around to offer support and advice. This meant that the

dogs which are part of their programme, lived fulfilled happy lives with their families. They

no longer spent the first years of their breeding careers in a kennel environment. They no

longer rehomed their breeding dogs as they would be placed with their families from the


This just proves that even if you have a healthy dog with a great temperament, if they are not living a fulfilled happy life you will not get happy puppies, and I know from our experience here at Willows Australian labradoodles, having both parents of your puppy living the best life they can, is what leads to our success in our puppies.

Number Two: The other problem that Guide Dogs came across was with r aising the

puppies. Now don't get me wrong, they were breeding to a very high standard, in a kennel

environment but it was a very sterile one. And when the puppies left with their families,

they were getting sick and poorly because they hadn't been exposed to vital day-to-day

germs around every household. We are not talking about dirty conditions that you see in

puppy farms; we are talking about everyday bacteria that we are exposed to and that our

pets are exposed to as part of a normal daily life. Which again is why it's so important you

go to a breeder that is raising their puppies in a family home and not in kennels and

outbuildings. So, now they have a breeding programme where puppies are raised as part of a family in a family home, and these two things have attributed to their success.

We raise our dogs and puppies in this way too. They are placed with guardian homes that

live local to Eastbourne. They are raised using our guidance and from our experience with

the love and care that we expect. We see all our guardian dogs regularly and we groom

them to make sure they are well looked after and kept in a good condition. Once they have

finished their health testing and are fully mature, they will then produce a litter. They come

to us when they're pregnant to have their litter and they stay with us to raise their puppies.

They love coming to us, as this is often where they were born. They know us and they trust

us. Their families have access to a 24/7 puppy camera, so they can log on anytime and

watch their dog, but they are also welcome to visit. I would love to have all the dogs at

home myself, but we wouldn't have the time to give them the love and attention they

deserve. So, this way we are always here for anything but they also have their forever family which meets all their needs.

The Guardian earn their puppy by providing it a loving and secure home.

You can only get a healthy, happy puppy if the parents are happy and healthy. It's a lot of

work but we pride ourselves on doing it correctly.

We have Boy and Girl guardians available and you must live within 40 minutes of EASTBOURNE.

For more information please email:

Australian labradoodles
Ozzie is a direct neighbour of ours and he has a human sister and a human brother. He live
Parti Australian Labradoodles

What our Guardian families say 

Millie is the most placid dog you will ever meet, and Indie is a crazy puppy. We can’t remember what it was like before we had both of them. From the day we brought Indie home (one from Millie’s last litter) they both played together like nothing you have ever seen or heard. The neighbours would think they were aggressive if they hadn’t met them with the noises they would make when playing together! They are both so well behaved and friendly and have bought such happiness into our household. After all, a house isn’t a home without a dog or two! Being a guardian family has been amazing. Millie is now ours completely, and we are going through the guardian process with Indie. We love both our girls so much, being a guardian was the best decision we made.

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