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Willows Labradoodles Rewards Program 

Starting today 10th May 2023

We are so excited to announce our new Willows reward programme which starts today, Wednesday 10th May 2023. This is something we have been wanting to offer for a while now and we have finally put it together.  I can’t thank you all enough for the support, updates of your puppies and recommendations.  I already know a huge amount of you have recommended friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to us.


Recommendations mean a lot to us for many reasons.  Not only because it’s an important part of my business, but because you are so happy with your puppy you got from us, you are happy to share this with your nearest and dearest.  Let’s face it, you only recommend things that you are extremely happy with.  Most people are quick to complain about things or leave bad feedback when they are not happy, and less quick to compliment or leave positive feedback when they are happy.  Feedback and reviews are so critical not only to us, but to people searching for a puppy, having the peace of mind, and knowing someone personally, gives them the confidence and trust in us, and the puppy that they will be getting.

So, this is where our new rewards program comes in. Because many of you have recommended us over the last few years, we want to say thank you for your support.

From today, if you recommend a family to us, that takes a puppy for their family, we will send you a £50 Amazon gift card.


We are also offering a guardian rewards program.  As we raise our dogs and puppies to a very similar way to guide dogs, guardian families play an important part of our program and future here at Willows Australian Labradoodles.  We never use kennels or outbuildings, and we use local families to Eastbourne to help us raise our breeding dogs so that each and every one of them gets the fulfilled life they deserve.  


We are offering a £50 gift card for any family that recommends a family that is successful in becoming a guardian family from today.  To find out more about how our guardian process works and what is required please  check out our guardian information page on our website.


And thirdly and finally we have launched a loyalty program. This is for anyone that gets a second puppy from us. We already have a number of families that have had two puppies from us, and we love receiving and seeing updates on how they get on, as you can never have too much of a good thing! Right?

From today if you buy another puppy from us, we will offer you a £250 discount off our purchase price. 

Thank you for reading and we hope to share more news and exciting updates soon. 


Ross & Shannon – Willows Australian Labradoodles.

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