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Nala is a very light caramel, curly fleece small medium  Australian Labradoodle. Im so proud of Nala because she has proven her great temperament with her family being raised along side human triplets that where two when they got her.

Day in the life of Nala 

Nala is everything a family could wish for and more in a dog. She lives with the Winnie family and has grown up with their young triplets who absolutely adore her. Her family even love Nala so much that they got another Australian Labradoodle from us named Coco last year. The Winnie family had to rehome their Tebetian Trterrier as when their Triplets were born he became anxious and he didnt like being around the children, and our willows labradoodle lines proved themselves again to be the perfect family companions . 


Nala Has Passed all her her health testing.

Australian labradoodle .JPG
Australian Labradoodle .JPG
Australian Labradoodle .JPG
Australian Labradoodle. .JPG
Australian Labradoodle. .JPG
Caramel  Australian Labradoodle. .jpg .jpg

We Complete Full Health Testing 

Caramel  Australian Labradoodle_edited.png
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