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School Bully

Blog - I saw my school bully after 16 years!

So, my inspiration for my Willows Australian Labradoodles blog post this week, is that I saw my school bully after 16 years, and at the vets would you believe, of all places! Still after 16 years she gave me the dirtiest of stares and it just made me smile as she looked the same old skanky state now as she did then! I was horribly bullied for most of my school life. I had one bully that made my life absolute hell. As a teenager, I become extremely anxious and would find it difficult to leave the house for any occasion. I had therapists and counselling but ultimately ended up dropping out of school, which made my life better short term. I had always longed for a dog growing up, but my family said that we can’t afford one. I begged every Christmas and every birthday to please let me have a dog. Any dog! Just someone that I could look after and that could be my best friend. Eventually, due to my poor mental state at the time, my mum did rescue a dog and we called her Roxy. Roxy was a Staffordshire bull terrier cross. My mum chose that breed purposely so that, if I walked Roxy alone, I would feel protected. Because I was not attending school, Roxy was my best friend. I very much enjoyed walking her and I would only walk her at school times because I knew my bully would be at school.

As soon as I turned 16, I started working full time in a warehouse shop. That is where I met Ross. I do very much believe that everything happens for a reason, and if I hadn’t of had such a terrible time at school, I wouldn't have ended up meeting Ross. We have been married now for 11 years and together for 17 years.

I always had a passion for animals. I always saw myself working with them and eventually my dream is to have an animal rescue of my own. I love every kind of animal. If I saw a bird injured, I would try and save it even, a snake. I feel at peace around them. Just looking into their souls helps mine! Animals are designed to survive. I get strength from watching their courage of dealing with the challenges they face. Yet they always take each day as it comes, and I try to stay positive like them. You only get one life.

I am so fortunate to be able to continue my passion for animals with my dogs, which is why animal welfare is so important to me. I really do believe that my dogs, with the great temperaments they have, along with the hypoallergenic fur, help families. I know my dogs have helped many teenagers that have been in a similar situation to mine. They have helped children that have lost siblings, families that have lost children and they continue to be a support to families that are having a difficult time. They are that best friend that has no bias and loves them regardless of what their peers have said to them that day! And that is what makes my dogs special. I loose count how many times in a day my dogs make me smile and they always are there to comfort me. They bring me endless amounts of joy and I wouldn’t want to live without them.

I know from reading the emails I receive, that many families are hoping to get a dog for their children and if that is you and you haven’t got a dog yet, then I urge you to do it.

I have started The Doodle Club with Judy from Ripley’s Labradoodles, as we really want families to get the most out of having a dog. From our years of experience and advice we are here to help you, like they have helped me, many times over.

We rescued Roxy from a rescue centre but ultimately Roxy saved me!

Thank for taking the time to read this, and make sure you give your dog (best friend) an extra cuddle from me.

Shannon – Willows Australian labradoodles

Update : My Dad read my blog and said it was incredibly sad but he wanted you all to know that we did have Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice , Fish , Fleas and Nits growing up so I had lots of friends 😂

His message made me laugh and its very true we did have lots of animals growing up and I played a huge part of caring for them all, But.............. None of those animals compare to the love and loyalty of a dog xxxx

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