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Children raised around dogs and their Immune system.

Topic - Children raised around dogs and their Immune system.

We run a very large Australian Labradoodle UK owners Facebook group

and we see lots of questions and worries from families posting on this

group. We offer lots of advice and support to our puppy families before

and after they get their puppy, but we also do try and support families

that have purchased their puppy elsewhere from another breeder that

might not have received the same level of support or professional

advice. So, we decided to cover topics as when they come up so our

families can learn and benefit from the questions being asked.

Today’s question was: "My pup has just picked up her poop in her

mouth, gross I know, what can I do to make sure her mouth is

completely clean for my children’s sake? I don’t have a toothbrush

and paste at the moment, we have gave her water straight away,

thank you”. To add context, the puppy in question is only 8 weeks old.

As gross as it sounds, dogs pick up almost anything in their mouths

especially when they are puppies, and this question reminds me of my

son at 8 months old, having no nappy time rolling around our bathroom

floor, waiting for the bath to be ready. He did a poo and started eating it

whilst I left the room briefly to get a towel. To say I was horrified was an

understatement, when you are a first-time parent you worry about all the