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Hi & Welcome to our private Willows Family Access Area 

We take great pride in all our puppies and we are here to help you . We have spent a lot of time developing this area to answer all your questions so we kindly ask you check to see if your question is answered here before emailing us .

Before You Get Your Puppy - Information 
Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Insurance - We strongly recommend you take out pet insurance from as soon as your puppy is 8 weeks old. Australian labradoodles are generally a healthy breed but even the simplest of vets visits can cost you a small fortune, so it is best to be covered from day one. If you think that you would rather self insure and put money away for you pet every month then I still urge you to take out insurance for the first two years of life of your puppy as puppies are known for getting up to mischief , this could be from eating something they shouldn’t or an injury . There are many insurance companies to choose from but I can personally recommend Agria or Many pets as I have used both of these companies without any problems.

If you use our referral code then you can get a small discount or amazon voucher for taking out a policy.

Australian labradoodles Willows UK

Collar & Leads 

Collar & Lead - We don’t recommend buying a collar before you have collected your puppy. Your puppy will grow so much before they are finally be allowed outside and your puppy is at risk of catching their collar on objects around your home as they are low to the floor so it is advised that puppies  don’t keep collars on around the house. When you are finally able to walk your puppy outside then take a trip to your local pet store try on a nice collar and buy the one that fits your puppy. 

We do recommend buying a harness for your puppy for when they are leaving the house and traveling in the car and these harness we have linked on amazon fit the best they are a good price and they are also a comfy material for your puppy. We use these harness for every puppy we raise. 

You will need to but the X-small and the small size as they grow very quickly. We absolutely do not recommend extendable leads , they give you less control over your puppy and they are not safe when using them along a main road. 

Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Crates - We do highly recommend you crate train your puppy. We have already introduced a crate to your puppy at around 5 weeks of age. You will be Abe to see your puppy on our puppy camera choose the crate for nap time, time and time again. Crates when used correctly are on of the best puppy tools and we highly recommend you watch our video on crate training.

Any Medium / Large crate will do but it should be of these sizes roughly Dimensions : 61 x 91 x 57cm

Before using the crate, remove your dogs collar and place suitable bedding into the crate to make it a comfortable and inviting place to rest.
Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time during the day as your puppy should be out with you in your home like any other member of your family . 

Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Bowls - The best bowels you can buy for your puppy are stainless steel bowls as they hold much less bacterial and the pollenets that you may find in plastic. 

You must change your dogs water twice daily for example morning and evening. 

The stainless steel bowels are perfect for the dishwasher.

Car - You need to get your puppy used to the car slowly and in a correct way so they will forever enjoy being in the car without being sick of anxious.  Here is my video on how to do just that. 

Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Pen - We use pens in the day when leaving our puppies . we don’t leave them in crates during they day as we like to give them space and keep crates for night time only . I don’t think its fair to leave puppies in crates in the day when they are  in them at night. you can use a utility room of use a stair gate on a room to leave your puppy in a small safe space in the day. 

Here is our video on pen set up . 

Australian labradoodles Willows UK


Food -  we are what we eat and its the same for your dog. 

Here is our blog on food and a video. 

Please order the able food using the link below in good time before collecting your puppy. 

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