Nala & Barney Puppies

Born 9th October 2022 - collection 3rd or 4th December whichever date suits you. Anytime Time between 10am -12pm 

Australian Labradoodle


Australian Labradoodle 

Nala is the sweetest dog in the world, she is such a loving happy dog. Nala is like a big sister and its really sweet that she finally has her own puppies, she has been such a good mum. 



Australian Labradoodle 

Barney is a very happy, cheeky and loving dog. He is such a good stud dog because of his great temperament and fleece fur. Barney is great with children and very popular at the park with dog friends. 

Puppy Camera Link  

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day. 

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so. 

Will post photos and videos regularly on this private page. 

We have 2 Boys and 5 Girls 
If you have a preference on gender of your puppy please let us know. 


We couldn’t wait to see Nala become a mum, as she is so good and gentle with all the puppies we have here and Nala has not disappointed us. She loves her babies and is such a great mum.  Nala has been unwell but the vet is very happy and has checked all the puppies, you may see us giving Nala her medicine, which she loves that taste of, so please don’t worry we are taking the best care of her. They have more than doubled in size, Nala is eating well and still playing in the garden with our other adults so we know she is feeling a lot better. Nala really is a natural. I hope you enjoy watching the puppies grow.  

Check list .

Puppy Insurance - We use Agria but lots of families use Many Pets

We have a referral code that will give you a discount. Its best to do quotes with both companies. 

  1. Send us a photo of your puppy set up. We will help you make any changes .

  2. Book first vaccine – you must use a vet using Lepto 2 not Lepto 4 vaccine – book for first few day’s home

  3. Order Raw food

  4. Make sure you have a snuggle puppy