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Matilda Puppies

 Born 4th December   - Collection 29th January between 10am & 12pm  

Puppy Picks 

Because its Christmas & New Year and the vets are closed, plus we have to arrange Temperament Testing, it makes puppy pick dates difficult, but we will try to be accommodating where we can but if we can’t and you have plans or are away, we can arrange for a FaceTime or What’s app video for you to meet your puppy. 

Available Puppy Picks Dates :  21st January from 10am

Puppy Camera Link  

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day. 

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so. 

I will try to post photos and videos regularly on this private page. 


Had 7 puppies , they did arrive early but all is well, the puppies have grown and gained weight every day , Matilda is very attentive. We had such a beautiful mixed litter so if you have a preference on gender or colour please let me know.

We are reserving two puppies from the litter. 

She had :

One Black Female 

One Parti Female 

Two Apricot/ Red Females 

One Chocolate Boy 

One Parti Boy 

One Apricot Boy


Check list .

Puppy Insurance - We use Agria but lots of families use Many Pets

We have a referral code that will give you a discount. Its best to do quotes with both companies. 

  1. Send us a photo of your puppy set up. We will help you make any changes .

  2. Book first vaccine – you must use a vet using Lepto 2 not Lepto 4 vaccine – book for first few day’s home

  3. Order Raw food

  4. Make sure you have a snuggle puppy 

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