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Lola & Amos Puppies 

Hi Everyone

We have had a very large litter born with 2 puppies available. 

You can read about Lola & Amos in full on our website.   

Willows Australian Labradoodles pride ourselves in offering the highest welfare standards and words mean nothing unless you can see it for yourself. We offer a live 24/7 puppy camera so you can watch our mums and your puppy grow. We have nothing to hide and we want you all to see the love and care we put into our puppies. 

I must warn you that the puppy camera is very addictive. 

If you have any questions, please can you send them via email - It is very difficult for us to monitor emails as well as texts and whatsapps, so we ask that all communication is via email as we check this regularly. We will always try to reply as soon as we can.

 Collection From Friday 8th December

Puppies may stay extra nights after the 10th December if required at £50 Per Night but you need to let us know in advance.

 Willows Australian Labradoodles 

Puppy Camera Link  

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day. 

You are going to have so much fun watching our large litter, we will definitely be kept on our toes with their antics. 

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so. 

Lola had 9 Puppies - One parti Boy and 8 Apricots/Reds which are 3 Boys & 5 Girls 


Their colours will develop over time as they grow so we hope you enjoy watching and spotting  them.

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