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Phoebe  & Amos Puppies 

 Willows Australian Labradoodles 

Animal Welfare 

Willows Australian Labradoodles pride ourselves in offering the highest welfare standards and words mean nothing unless you can see it for yourself. We offer a live 24/7 puppy camera so you can watch our mums and your puppy grow. We have nothing to hide and we want you all to see the love and care we put into our puppies. 

I must warn you that the puppy camera is very addictive. 

Puppy Camera Link  

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day. 

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so. 


4 Boys & 5 Girls 

We have 2 puppies available as this was a larger than expected litter born. 


Our puppies are £3,000 plus a non refundable £350 deposit to secure you a puppy. Please fill out our puppy enquiry form and send us a photo of your garden and driving license. 

Check list .

Puppy Insurance - We use Agria but lots of families use Many Pets

We have a referral code that will give you a discount. Its best to do quotes with both companies. 



Send us a photo of your puppy set up. We will help you make any changes .

Book first vaccine – you must use a vet using Lepto 2 not Lepto 4 vaccine – Your puppy must spend 3 days minimum with you so you will know immediately if your puppy has a vaccine side effect. 

Order Raw food

Make sure you have a snuggle puppy 

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