our Ruby and the puppies she has produced

Our Ruby Moo, as we call her, is one of the most beautiful Australian labradoodles you will ever see. She has a strong Caramel, Red colour that will never dilute in colour. She will stay the deepest red which she passes on to some of her puppies. Ruby is of a very stocky build. Ruby is daughter to our Betty and granddaughter to our Willow. I love being able to see the generations of puppies we produce. When you come to visit, you will notice Ruby by her colour. I was so excited to keep a daughter of Betty living with us. Betty has the ultimate temperament and having a daughter of Betty, was going to be very special, BUT, there is always a but......... Ruby, as stunning as she was, was not going to be easy. I have never had such a strong willed puppy, that was so stubborn in everything but melted your heart by her good looks. ruby was like having a teenage daughter. If she didn't have her dinner on time, she would strop. she would dig in the garden, eat everything and counter surf. No socks were ever safe! she would walk around the lounge, so proud, as if she had hunted it down. If you're reading this, thinking, "why would a breeder tell me that and be that honest"....... its because Ruby changed as an adult. As soon as she hit 12months old, she matured into a wonderful dog and exceeded all of our expectations. when you visit, you will not see a naughty dog, you will see a loving , happy, friendly and the most beautiful Australian Labradoodle. Ruby is a lesson that, as with children, they can be all different as babies and there is not one rule that suits all. But you do really get what you put in and you have to have faith. This breed is unstoppable and amazing, they will seize to amaze you.   


Ruby lives with us and is 17" Tall 

Ruby is a medium Australian Labradoodle weighing 16kg. Ruby is daughter to our betty and granddaughter to our Willow.

Ruby has a wavy fleece coat and her colour is Caramel red, as she has a brown nose. 

Ruby has a great temperament and enjoys playing with children.

Ruby has passes her Hip scoring with a Hip score of BVA 15 Elbow BVA 0


You can see proof of Ruby's DNA Results here



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