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Our Guardian Families 

Here at Willows Australian Labradoodles, our dogs and puppies live happy, family lives. Their happiness and wellbeing is our number one priority. unlike some other large Australian labradoodle breeders, all our dogs live with us in our home or with a guardian family. Our dogs never stay in kennels, EVER. This is something I wish families looking for puppies would ask their breeder?

Where do the mums and dads live?

Where do they have their puppies?

Are they kennelled ?

Do they rehome their females after litters? I know of lots of breeders that do, and have done this, but for me, this is not how I run my breeding program. my hope is, by working with good home breeders, we can raise standards and raise awareness. One of the reasons I have 24/7 puppy cams, is because you can see with you own eyes, how happy our dogs and puppies are. It's not easy work and I put my heart and soul into our Australian Labradoodle puppies. 

Because I choose not to kennel our dogs ever, I work closely with families in Eastbourne, which allows me to breed to a very high and ethical standard. It means all our breeding dogs have happy family lives . 

so what is a Guardian Family? 

A Guardian Family is a family that loves the breed, and they earn their puppy by providing it a loving happy home. They will bring up their puppy following our advice and will socialise and train their puppy to the best of their ability. 

A guardian family enters into a co-ownership agreement and once their dog has completed all Their health testing and are the appropriate age, they will come back to us for puppies. 

they are welcome to visit anytime and we will meet up with our guardian families for walks and we do all of the grooming of our guardian dogs for free every 6 weeks and we also pay for their insurance every month. 

Our Guardian girls come back to us for a maximum 3 litters.

Our Guardian boys come back to us for mating and always are extremely happy to see us. They very much, of course, enjoy their visits and sometimes they don't want to go home. 

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australian labradoodle puppy uk


We Live in the Eastbourne area

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