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Coronavirus update 

Puppy Enquires: last week we received over 70 emails from families seeking puppies ASAP. We are only a small home breeder and have very limited availability. We are reserved 12 months in advance and we were already fully reserved before the Coronavirus outbreak. 

I am pleading with those families and families looking for a puppy now, 

  • Puppies take a lot of planning, training and consideration. 

  • Puppies require you to be at home for life not just during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Please consider why a breeder has lots of puppies available and why they are not already reserved. This is how puppy farmers make their money and you will end up with a bad temperament and a badly bred dog with health problems.

  • Be patient: There are lots of very good breeders out there, but they will have long waiting lists, and will be worth waiting for. Please remember the saying, all good thing come to those who wait .

  • If you require a puppy fix, please check out our live puppy cam.  


Please note, we are not currently responding to puppy enquires, Unless you are looking for 2022 and 2023, We have availability for 2022 & 2023 only. 

Please like our facebook page for all current photos and infomation.

Please take care 

Willows Australian Labradoodles xx

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