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Lola is very special to us as she is the last female puppy we have from Willow. Willow started our breeding program and it will be up to Lola to carry on the generations and Willows legacy. Lola is a Willow and Charlie Puppy. I couldn't be happier to have her as the future of our breeding program.  Lola is very happy and confident with a beautiful apricot colour. 

Lola lives with her guardian family and will come back to us for puppies. Lola regularly gets to meet up with her big sister Millie, its really great seeing them play. 

This is what her guardian family said about Lola, "Lola came to us on the 11th July 2020. She was such a gorgeous small bundle of fluff. Myself, my husband and our son James, fell in love with Lola instantly. Lola has brought nothing but love and joy to our home and it feels as if she has always been with us. We couldn't imagine life without her now. Waking up in the morning to see her face and to have cuddles and to walk through the door when we have been out is just wonderful. Lola is very smart and clever and knows exactly what Lola wants. Lola has fitted in perfectly with our family and having her is one of the best things we have ever done". 

I really enjoy reading what our guardian families say about their dogs, they play a huge part in our breeding program, they are such a wonderful breed. We will always put our dogs and puppies first, having them with families and not in kennels and not being rehomed when they have finished breeding is really important to us. 

Lola's waiting list 2022

we have these families awaiting a puppy from lola 2022

 we expect lola's puppies to be  Medium  in size and to be born and ready in spring 2022 depending on when lola seasons.

  1. willows - we always reserve first puppy pick

  2. willows - we always reserve first puppy pick

  3. Muldoon Family

  4. Available

  5. Available 

I really expect lola's Puppies to be reserved quickly so please get in touch asap


Lola will be mated with our Bobby

Australian Labradoodle uk

we reserve all puppies in order of deposits received so please enquire early to avoid disappointment

we will always take first pick of puppies  sometimes that will be one / two puppies. depending on what is born.


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