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our Willow and the puppies she has produced

Willow was my first ever breeding dog. Willow come to us in 2014 after a very long wait. I was so excited about becoming a breeder and starting my breeding Journey. Never in a million years did I expect that I would be breeding dogs. I was brought up as an animal lover and my mum worked hard on a pony rescue. We used to spend our summers with horses and raising money for their care. I was extremely lucky and animals where my whole life. We had 3 rescue cats from the barn, as they just appeared one day after being abandoned by their mum. We were never allowed a dog as my parents could not afford one, and they were worried about the up keep,  but it didn't stop me praying every Christmas and birthday for one. Eventually, after many years of begging, we as a family, got a rescue dog called Roxy. She was a staffie cross from Last chance dog rescue in Kent. Roxy was my whole world and lots of our families did get to meet Roxy when they came to visit, before she passed away . A dog is for life, and I hope the families that choose me as a breeder, understand I will always care, and I will always be here if you are unable to keep the puppy you brought from us. I actually make every family sign an agreement that they will never resell their dog from us. They must come back to us for rehoming. No questions asked . My dogs and puppies will always have a home here with me. That is my guarantee to you. 


australian labradoodle puppies for sale

Roxy 2004 - 2019 


Willow is absolutely perfect. She is always happy and in so many photos she actually looks like she is smiling, she has such a waggly tail. She always greets you with a toy every time we come home. She is eager to please. Willow loves a ball. The tennis ball is her best friend. 

Willow sleeps on our bed every night, and has done ever since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Crazy I know, and its not something I advise our puppy owners to do.  I'm very weak when it comes to the dogs and they do take over my life. I couldn't have it any other way now. Our dogs will never be kennelled. 

Willow is mum to our Betty And Millie

Willow is red and has a curly fleece . She is 18" tall and classed as a medium. She weighs 12kg. 

Willow has passes her Hip scoring with a Hip score of BVA 7 Elbow BVA 0

Which is classed as GOOD under OFA 


Willow is clear by parentage for over 150 genetic dog diseases meaning that none of the puppies I produce can be affected . 

williow has retired from breeding but will continue to live with us.


willow is fully retired and will live with us in our home until the rest of her days. we do not rehome our females when they finish their breeding career you will see her on the puppy cam being a nanny to our puppies and she has left us legacy that will last a life time.

we reserve all puppies in order of deposits received so please enquire early to reserve to avoid dissapointment

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