our Luna

Luna is daughter to our Millie and Charlie. Luna is the first black dog in our breeding program, so we are extremely excited to introduce her dark rich colour. She has a lovely wavy fleece that feels so silky to touch, she is absolutely jet black all over and is stunning to watch. 

Luna is a miniature size Australian labradoodle at 15" tall, 10kg. 

Luna has a great life with her guardian family as she gets to enjoy being around lots of dogs, as her guardian family are professional dog walkers. Lisa walks Millie a couple of times a week when her family are working. she loves Millie and Lisa is also our dog sitter if we go away and she loved our girls so much that she became a guardian family. I do not worry at all about leaving our dogs in Lisa's care. they have a great time with her and also come back worn out and happy.


Luna waiting list 2021

we have these families awaiting a puppy from luna 2021

 we expect luna's puppies to be  miniature / small Medium  in size and to be born and ready in summer 2021  depending on when luna seasons.

  1. willows - we always reserve first puppy pick

  2. willows - we always reserve first puppy pick



  5. beesley family


I really expect luna's Puppies to be reserved quickly so please get in touch asap


Luna will be mated with our Bobby

Australian Labradoodle uk

we reserve all puppies in order of deposits received so please enquire early to avoid disappointment

we will always take first pick of puppies  sometimes that will be one / two puppies. depending on what is born.


We Live in the Eastbourne area

If you're interested in having an labradoodle of your own contact us by filling out the form below.

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