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Availability 2023

Our website is currently being updated, and all of our dogs will be added shortly.

We have very limited availability for 2023. All the best breeders for any breed are reserved in advanced. They never place puppies for sale, on sale sites. 

We operate a 24/7 puppy camera so you can watch mum and your puppy in real time. 

Why Choose Willows & Meet us Video 

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WE HAVE ONE SPACE AVAILABLE - Due to a large litter 

Australian labradoodles


Apricot Large Medium/ Small standard  Australian Labradoodle 

Lola is a fun, active clever Australian Labradoodle. She looks like a traditional Labradoodle with her Apricot colour and size. Lola is the biggest of size that we breed and Lola is such a loving dog. 


Deep Red large Medium / Small standard Australian Labradoodle 

Amos is a super handsome, great at training and doing super at agility. He regularly competes in competitions and has won many rosettes. 

Amos is a nice red and is a great large size for those wanting a bigger Australian Labradoodle 

Australian Labradoodle Breeder UK

Puppies born 13th October and ready for homes 8th December

Lola & Amos Will have large Medium / small standard  Puppies in Reds & Apricots and Parti red and white puppies : Examples below

Australian labradoodle breeder
Australian Labradoodle Puppy
Australian labradoodle breeder
Australian Labradoodle Puppy

WE HAVE ONE SPACE AVAILABLE - Due to a large litter 

Australian Labradoodle .heic


Deep Caramel  Red  Medium Australian Labradoodle 

Ruby is my favourite dog. I know we shouldn’t have favourites but Ruby is the most clever and stubborn dog I have ever known, and I just love her for it as it makes me laugh.  Ruby is super affectionate with my children and Ruby enjoys playing find my smell sock game. Which she is amazing at and its her party trick. 


Black phantom medium Australian Labradoodle 

Noah is the best dog in the world. Noah is perfect he didn’t even go through the normal puppy biting stage that all puppies normally go through. Noah is a complete gentleman and anyone that has any of his offspring is incredibly lucky. Noah is undergoing young handler certification and make sure you watch the videos of him with 7 year old Henry. 

Black phantom Australian labradoodle

Ruby puppies born 16th October and ready for homes 11th December 2023. 

Ruby & Noah had medium puppies in reds, caramels, black,  chocolate and phantoms : Examples below

Australian labradoodle breeder
Australian Labradoodle
Australian labradoodles .jpg

Our puppies are £3,000 plus a £350 non refundable holding deposit fee. 

Only once a holding fee has been paid, your family be added to our waiting list. 

We will send you a deposit invoice via email once you have decided you would like one of our precious puppies and what list you would like to be on, you have 48 hours to pay the deposit  or the puppy space could be offered to a different family.  

We do require a photo of your garden and a copy of your driving licence. 

We receive a lot of spam emails so have moved our litters to private pages for our own family and dog security. 

Studs are subject to change as they are family pets first and sometimes they are away with their families when they are required for matings. 

Our puppies are multigenerational Australian labradoodles which means they will not shed hair. 

We are experienced breeders and have knowledge and help available to help you raise our puppies using the latest professional advice. 

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