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Autumn  & Jackson Puppies 

Autumn puppies - Born 29th April   - Collection  Saturday 24th June between 10am & 12 Noon.

Puppies may stay extra nights  after the 24th June if required at £50 Per Night but you need to let us know in advance.

Collection has to be early as possible so the puppies can get home in time for lunch as we only feed them breakfast on the day of them going home, to avoid puppies getting travel sickness. 

 Willows Australian Labradoodles 

Puppy Picks 

Available Puppy Picks Date:

Sunday 18th of June 

Times to be arranged,  but we can offer FaceTime puppy selections for those traveling long distances. 

Puppy Picks have to be in order of deposits received, so as you can appreciate it makes it difficult for us to accommodate each family but we do always try our best. 

Alternatively we can offer a visit sooner when puppies are 5-6 weeks old and you can visit, see mum of the puppies and we will choose the most suitable puppy for you after their temperament testing and vet checks based on your preferences . This works well for some families especially if its a large litter, as all the puppies are all lovely and we know our puppies the best and which ones would suit each family. 

When all the families come on the same day the puppies get tired so we do like a few families to visit earlier. 

Puppy Camera Link  

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day. 

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so. 

I will try to post photos and videos regularly on this private page. 

4 Boys & 5 Girls 

parti with possible Roan colouring  
7 Red possibly white marking, their colours will 
develop over time as they grow.

We couldn’t wait to see Autumn with her puppies, as she is so good and gentle and Autumn  has not disappointed us. She loves her babies and is such a great mum.  Autumn really is a natural. I hope you enjoy watching the puppies grow.  

Check list .

Puppy Insurance - We use Agria but lots of families use Many Pets

We have a referral code that will give you a discount. Its best to do quotes with both companies. 

  1. Send us a photo of your puppy set up. We will help you make any changes .

  2. Book first vaccine – you must use a vet using Lepto 2 not Lepto 4 vaccine – book for first few day’s home

  3. Order Raw food

  4. Make sure you have a snuggle puppy 

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