Australian labradoodle puppies uk
Australian labradoodle puppies uk
Australian labradoodle puppies uk

our Amos

Amos is one of our new stud dogs. He is co-owned by me and South Downs Australian Labradoodles. 

He Lives With Debbie and her 3 other Australian Labradoodles. Amos is going to be a big boy and I'm excited to be able to produce some small standard puppies in 2022. 

He is such a chilled boy and very keen to learn. He is very laid back and soppy. He has fitted in well with his family. 

Amos comes from Kim at Regency Reds Australian Labradoodles. Kim Prides herself in producing red Australian labradoodles and I'm in love with Amos' rich red colour. Kim is an approved WALA breeder. 

Kim is only an hours drive from me and its nice to have great breeder so close. 

Amos is great with my children and enjoys playing with them, Amos is a gentle Giant. 

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