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Our Charlie

We imported Charlie from America in 2018. Charlie is my first ever stud dog, and has completely exceeded all of the expectations I had of him. As a family, we had only ever had female dogs. I was nervous about introducing an un-neutered dog to my life, as the previous experience I have had from entire males from dog grooming, is that they are more difficult, badly mannered, urinate everywhere and can be aggressive. One of our reasons for having neuter contracts is because of our experience with un-neutered adult male dogs. I believe its hugely beneficial for male dogs to be neutered before 12 months old. However...….Charlie is a DREAM. As a used stud, he is super friendly towards other dogs. he loves nothing more than to play in the park with his doggy friends. Charlie does not over hump, and is very respectful to the girls. Charlie is a great example of an Australian Labradoodle. He lives with his guardian family and is lucky to have a human sister who is 7 years old.


Charlie lives 5 minutes away from us, we see him regularly for grooming and when he is needed for mating. he has a great life with his own loving family and also coming here to see his ladies, every mans dream, right?! I cant help but feel my husband is envious of Charlie's lifestyle. 


Charlie guardian owners Chris and Anabel said this about him, "We are Charlie’s guardian family!! He’s our family dog: we’ve had him now for nearly 18 months.. he’s the perfect dog for our little family. We are very lucky to have him. He’s very sociable with other dogs, playful, perfect for kids and everyone else .. I could go on and on and on really!! We just Love him so much 💖💖💖".

Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Willows Charlie 



Charlie has already passed his Hip and elbow scoring with BVA 16


Charlie has an up to date Eye Certificate 

Charlie is clear by parentage for over 150 genetic dog diseases meaning that none of the puppies he produces can be affected . 




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