our Perfect Betty and the puppies she has produced

Our Betty Boo, I cant even write about Betty without my face smiling and my heat melting. Betty is the easiest dog in the world and her ultimate day is, not a treat or a walk, but just being with you and by your side. Cuddles on the sofa are her favourite and Betty cuddles like no other. She wraps her body round you and will lean in. Its hard to get anthing done with betty around, as she demands cuddles. I truly believe that betty has not a care in the world and walks around believing no harm or bad things happen. Betty reminds me of a dog in heaven, living its best life over and over. When you meet betty, she will stand out the most and so many families end up picking a puppy, not based on sex or their colour, but the puppy that is most like Betty. Betty does not have a bad bone in her body and you will always see her appearing on our 24/7 puppy cam mothering the other girls puppies at any chance she gets. She will clean and toilet the puppies and lay with them to keep them warm. She will absolutely melt your heart.  



Betty is Daughter to our Willow and full sister to our Millie 

Betty has Human Eyes that are absolutely stunning. Betty is one of a kind and her puppies are very popular. 

Betty is caramel with a brown nose and wavy fleece coat. She is 18" tall and weighs around 12kg. Betty has tall legs like her mum, Willow. 

Betty has passed her Hip scoring with a Hip score of BVA 9

Elbow BVA 0


Betty is clear by parentage for over 150 genetic dog diseases meaning that none of the puppies she produces can be affected . 

WALA - Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association 
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I'm very proud to be a registered member of  WALA, its a great privilege to work along side other authentic registered genuine breeders of Australian labradoodles. WALA independently checks health testing and pedigree authenticity, If you buy a puppy from a breeder that is not an official WALA breeder you may not be getting an authentic Australian Labradoodle.

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